Current Patents

Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostics – Peripheral Biomarkers 

  •     PKC Phosphorylation of Map Kinase
  •     Regulation of PKC Phosphorylation by PP2A
  •     PKC Phosphorylation Ratio
  •     A Beta Changes of PKC Isozymes, Ratio
  •     Genomic Profiles of PKC – Inducted Phosphorylation  

Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics

  •     Bryostatin 
  •     PKC epsilon-specific activators            

Stroke Therapeutics


Traumatic Brain Injury Therapeutics


Synaptogenesis Therapeutics


A 1 Receptor Therapeutics for Hypoxia


Carbonic Anhydrase Activators – Attention Deficit Disorder


Carbonic Anhydrase Blockers – Post-Traumatic Disorder


Blood Brain Barrier Transporters


Protein-Protein Interaction Profiles


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